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Duct Expansion Joints and Their Uses in the Manufacturing Industry

Duct expansion joints are widely used in the manufacturing industry, and their main function is to provide flexibility in otherwise rigid metalwork structures.  Duct and pipe systems often carry gas and air that are under pressure, and high temperatures may be involved as well depending on the manufacturing process.  Expansion joints allow for movement and misalignment of the ducts or pipes while still ensuring the structural integrity of the system.

Vibration may also be a factor, and sound traveling up the ducts may also cause movement in the duct or pipe system.  Expansion or contraction due to temperature changes is another reason why these expansion joints are used so widely.  Pipes or ducts that would burst or crack otherwise can be held together and made more resilient to the extreme environments they are used in.

Industries where duct expansion joints are used

Expansion joints are not only used in many fossil-fired power plants, but also in gas turbine and heat recovery steam generators.  Circulating fluid bed boilers and fire protection services also use expansion joints.  The energy and environmental technology industry also relies heavily on the use of these joints along with cogeneration power plants and nuclear power plants.  Petroleum refineries, chemical refineries and steel mills also make use of them.  These are only a few of the many industries that rely on the use of duct expansion joints, and the list of almost endless.

Advantages of fabric expansion joints

Fabric expansion joints offer a number of advantages and their capabilities include the ability to offer a large range of movement in otherwise rigid structures, and that they are corrosion resistant. Corrosion resistance makes these expansion joints more cost effective and they tend to have a longer life than metal expansion joints.

Sound and vibration are almost entirely eliminated when using fabric duct expansion joints, and they are also able to withstand very high temperatures.  These systems also have lower design costs and as a bonus also reduce engineering time.

The low cost of these expansion joints is another advantage, because they are far more economical than other duct expansion joints, they offer a more cost effective alternative that lasts longer.  Replacement of the fabric may be needed over time, but it still superior to metal expansion joints.

Another distinct advantage is that these expansion joints do not require gaskets, and that they can be shipped pre-assembled, and this in turn leads to lower shipping and installation costs. A pre-assembled expansion joint will take less time to install and requires less expertise.

Fabric duct expansion joints offer a number of advantages to the manufacturing industry, and it's quickly becoming the preferred alternative to other expansion joints.  It's not only an efficient product but is also very cost effective, and offers more design possibilities than less flexible expansion joints.  It's easy to see why so many industries rely on this invention for their day-to-day operations. A reputable manufacturer should be able to give expert advice on the right type of duct expansion joint for your business's needs, and may also help with installation and maintenance.